Gilbert Simondon — Interview on mechanology (1968) | Part 3/3 | English subtitles


Below is the third and the last part of the interview with French philosopher Gilbert Simondon on mechanology translated into English by me.

Below are some of the interesting topics discussed in the third part:

  • common genetic approach to evolution of technical objects;
  • reversibility phenomenon;
  • interrelations between the evolution of technical objects, history and culture in general;
  • unilinearity of technical objects development;
  • the concept of concreteness of technical object;
  • the concept of network object;
  • the concept of synergy;
  • the importance of creating the study of tools (before doing the study of machines);
  • human networks;
  • rediscovery of mountains as technical objects.



My primary pair of working languages is English and Russian, so I would greatly appreciate any advice from French-speaking audience regarding any mistakes, inaccuracies in the usage of terms, or any other suggestions that may serve to improve the quality of translation.

So it goes.


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