Gilbert Simondon — Interview on mechanology (1968). Part 2/3 | English subtitles


Gilbert Simondon, Interview on mechanology

This is the second part of the full interview on mechanology with Gilbert Simondon (“Entretien sur la mécanologie”). Previously, I posted French-English translation of the first part which is available here. I’m planning to translate the third part (the last one) by the end of the next week. So, anyone interested feel free check content of this website or this Facebook page by that time.

Below are some of the interesting moments of the second part:

  • one of the most emotional moments of the whole interview awaits you in the beginning of the video when Simondon talks about the obsolescence of technical objects;
  • you will know why network technical objects (les objets de réseau) are poor creatures;
  • you will know how legitimate scientific theory and spontaneity of empirical experience influence the level of transparency of technical objects;
  • another very moving moment in the interview, now about friendly relations between science and technology;
  • for those of you who doesn’t have any technical background, the last 7-9 minutes will provide a chance to get some essential facts about different wheel systems, working principles of differential, and to take a very close look at the evolution of these systems.



My primary pair of working languages is English and Russian, so I would greatly appreciate any advice from French-speaking audience regarding any mistakes, inaccuracies in the usage of terms, or any other suggestions that may serve to improve the quality of translation.

So it goes.


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