Gilbert Simondon — Interview on mechanology | Part 1/3 | English subtitles

Gilbert Simondon

This is my take on French-English translation of the interview with Gilbert Simondon. Previously, I posted a short extract from the same interview with random cuts from the different parts of the interview made by someone on Youtube. Now I offer the full translation of the first part of the original video. I don’t know anything about any other parts of the same interview. Thus, I believe that this is the fullest version of the interview available on the Internet.

I’m planning to make subtitles for the second part by the end of this week. The third and final part will be finished by the end of the next week, I guess. I’m doing this in my free time, so there may be some short delay but I’m determined to finish this video within two weeks.

Anyway, here is a short list of subjects discussed in the first part:

  • what is technical object;
  • what are the essential properties of technical object;
  • stages of evolution of technical object;
  • Simondon’s view on relation between culture and technical objects;
  • what is wrong with our attitude towards technical objects;
  • what is the level of technical development of the civilization that we live in;
  • is it possible to be poetic when discussing technical objects, whether it is necessary or not?



My primary pair of languages is English and Russian, so I would greatly appreciate any advice from French-speaking audience regarding any mistakes, inaccuracies in usage of terms, or any other suggestions that may serve to improve the quality of translation I’ve done.

So it goes.



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